Signs for Our Times

For a year I was the DUI Court prosecutor in Cobb County, Georgia. Briefly, it is a specialty court designed to deal with defendants having multiple DUIs. The court places an emphasis on treating the root problem of alcoholism. Those who complete the program will hopefully not be a danger to the community anymore. Though not perfect, overall, DUI courts are proving successful with low recidivism rates. Now, I serve on the board of a new non-profit called Sober Streets, Inc. which will raise money for the court as grants and budget allotments only go so far. In a fit of artistic inspiration, I came up with the following design for our new organization. Here it is . . .

Sober Streets (small version)

Previously, I designed the logo for my successful school board campaign materials (yes, I was unopposed) . . .

MBOE Logo v2.1

So, now I’m thinking about starting my own logo design business. Need a logo designed for your business, political campaign, or other endeavor? Send me an email. My work is shoddy and my rates unreasonable! No, no, no . . . that’s not it.

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