Holy Hairballs! Not Another Cutesy Cat Video!?!

They said the well-trod genre of cat videos, with their sub types including cute, stupid, idiotic, annoying, etc., had been thoroughly exhausted. Thus, what was an aspiring auteur who wanted to make his mark in this corner of the YouTube litter box to do? Make hamster videos? That would require buying a hamster. Chickens? Out of the question. Actually, wait. I like chickens. But I digress. With regards to making another cat video, they said it couldn’t be done. Or maybe that was SHOULDN’T be done. Either way, it HAS been done. I’ve managed to squeeze yet one more cat video onto YouTube’s already bloated servers, that posterity may be enriched with even more electronic detritus of a feline flavor. Yes, future generations (or perhaps a conquering alien race) may happen upon this video among all the other cat videos and throw up their hands (or tentacles) and exclaim, “Another one! For crying out loud! What was their deal with cats?” But ours is not to ask, just enjoy. Meow.

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