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Grogging Out

My wife and I were privileged to attend Marietta High School’s AFJROTC’s Dining-in this past weekend. For absolutely no reason at all, I , a civilian, was called to the Grog Bowl to partake of the vile concoction that is … Continue reading

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Holy Hairballs! Not Another Cutesy Cat Video!?!

They said the well-trod genre of cat videos, with their sub types including cute, stupid, idiotic, annoying, etc., had been thoroughly exhausted. Thus, what was an aspiring auteur who wanted to make his mark in this corner of the YouTube litter … Continue reading

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Education and Success in Adversity

Public schools are at the front lines of our society’s various crisis. That’s one point I will return to again and again on this blog. Here’s just one example – when families flee from gang violence and poverty in Central and … Continue reading

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Signs for Our Times

For a year I was the DUI Court prosecutor in Cobb County, Georgia. Briefly, it is a specialty court designed to deal with defendants having multiple DUIs. The court places an emphasis on treating the root problem of alcoholism. Those who complete … Continue reading

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Veterans Day

Listen to the memories of the parents of a Marine.

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Old Football Stadium Gets New Look

Demolition and renovation of historic Northcutt Stadium and French Johnson Field, home of the Marietta Blue Devils, began last Wednesday here in Marietta, Georgia. The stadium was built in 1940. One of the wise decisions made by the Board of Education (before … Continue reading

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Election Over – Now The Work Begins

I am honored to have been elected to represent Ward 1 on the Marietta Board of Education. It is the first elected office I have ever held. Before being reincarnated as an attorney (I had been very bad in a past … Continue reading

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